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To All Our Valued Prospective Students,

Warmest greetings from the General Secretariat of the Caribbean Conference of Churches (CCC).

As you know we at the CCC have been very excited about our Master of Theological Studies (MTS) Degree – Caribbean Context, which is a collaborative effort between the CCC and the Faculty of Theology, Huron University College (HUC), University of Western Ontario (UWO).

Although we had carded that the first cohort would start in July of this year (2008), both CCC and HUC have had to take the very difficult decision of postponing this start time to July of next year (2009). This postponement has been due to a circumstance which was unforeseen and beyond our control.

New legislation of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago regarding all post secondary and tertiary institutions operating in this territory requires undertaking a very demanding registration process with the Accreditation Council of Trinidad and Tobago (ACTT).

As our campus is located in this territory, it is a pre-requisite that this registration process be completed before the start of our MTS. This requirement was never in the picture when the MTS was conceptualised. Given the extremely demanding and exacting process to meet this legal requirement we would be unable to meet the stipulated deadline as indicated by ACTT.

Should we choose to ignore it and begin the programme, the CCC would be subjected to heavy penalties. As a result of this, the decision to postpone the start of the programme was taken.

We kindly ask of all students who were already engaged in the process of applying for acceptance into this MTS, that you contact Ms. Susan Baldwin using the e-mail address for guidance on how to proceed.

We remain committed to realising this venture as it will be beneficial to the people of God globally. We also promise to continue to keep you updated.

Once again, we do apologise for this situation and are eagerly looking forward to seeing you in July 2009.

Caribbean Conference of Churches & Faculty of Theology, Huron University College, University of Western Ontario

The MTS Programme is a collaborative effort of the Caribbean Conference of Churches and the Faculty of Theology, Huron University College, University of Western Ontario.

The MTS arose out of the CCC’s recognition of  the need for continuing education and dialogue on theological and  developmental issues from a Caribbean perspective.

Indeed its Constitution commits it:  “To provide and stimulate programmes of study, research and experimentation, so as to help the Churches understand the decisive action of God in Christ in terms of their culture, experience, and needs”.

In keeping with the CCC’s emphasis on contextualized scholarship, the MTS programme was designed by a team of Caribbean theologians and will be delivered by Caribbean lecturers. The latter have been been approved as adjunct faculty by the HUC Faculty of Theology Committee.

About Huron University College

Huron University College (HUC) originally served as the seminary for preparing candidates to serve in the priesthood of the Anglican communion in the Diocese of Huron, Canada. While its primary focus has been theological education for ordination, the Faculty now provides academic programmes for lay persons.

Huron prides itself in offering a well developed personalized course of study for all students in the pursuit of academic excellence. Students leave equipped with solid skills, a commitment to social responsibility and the potential for personal growth. In this way, it prepares students for a world
of possibilities and opportunities.

The College is affiliated to the larger  University of Western Ontario (UWO). ‘Western’ is one of Canada’s oldest and most renowned universities, and a vibrant centre of learning  with 12 Faculties and Schools, 3 affiliated university colleges, offering more than 200 different undergraduate programmes.  Among Canada’s leading research-intensive universities, ‘Western’ is proud to provide top quality experience for its students in this field

Who does the MTS Target?

The MTS Programme targets those in church leadership or ministry (ordained or lay) or anyone who may have a genuine interest in pursuing theological studies.

It provides individuals who are not current holders of a Masters degree in theology with the opportunity to engage in advanced study and research.

 Applicants should be in possession of an undergraduate degree from a recognized university in any discipline. In exceptional cases students who are not holders of an undergraduate degree may be allowed to pursue the Masters Programme.

Who are the lecturers?

Lecturers hail from various Caribbean countries and are representative of a number of faiths. Teachers include both  lay and ordained theologians drawn from various traditions including Anglican, Baptist, Methodist, Moravian, Presbyterian and Roman Catholic.

General Course Outline

Students will engage in advanced theological studies with an emphasis on the Caribbean reality. This will include biblical studies from a post-colonial perspective. 

The programme will also explore the impact of globalisation on the contemporary Caribbean and on church and society in the Caribbean region. Students will examine the influence of religious experience on Caribbean literature. A significant element of the programme will treat with the topic of ecumenism and inter-religious dialogue.

The historic roles and functions of the National Councils of Churches (NCCs) and the CCC, as it relates to development in the region will be explored. Students will also be made to reflect theologically on contemporary social issues that are affecting the region including HIV/AIDS, human sexuality, and violence and crime.

Course Information >

Why choose the CCC/HUC MTS?

This MTS allows students the unique opportunity to explore advanced theological studies from a Caribbean perspective and so gain a deeper more meaningful insight and understanding of the various faith traditions in the region.

It will give students the space for open and constructive discourse and to develop bonds with persons throughout the region and beyond, thereby providing for networking and cross fertilization through the sharing of resources, information and experiences. As a result, students will become part of the process of enhancing the quality of ecumenism throughout the region.

This MTS has the added dimension of in-depth examination of current contemporary human and social issues which are eroding our social fabric and so enable the formulation of concerted responses that are not only appropriate but theologically sound.

The MTS is structured to allow persons who are unable to pursue full time study, the ability to continue their academic pursuits in a manner that is flexible, yet enriching, and which adheres to international standards.

As students journey through the programme, the CCC and HUC will also accompany students, providing a support system that will allow for sound theological and intellectual  guidance and advice.

Deadline for receipt of applications is May 1, 2009

How can I register?

Download and complete the Registration/Application Form - PDF (377k) or Word (407k)


Students are required to make payments in accordance with the courses being taken per year. As the thesis span two academic years, the applicable fee will be divided equally in those two years. The fee payment schedule, denoted in Canadian Dollars, is therefore as follows:

  • Year 1 Course fees of $4,000.00 payable by July 1, 2009
  • Year 2 Course fees of $4,000.00 payable by July 1, 2010
              Thesis fee of $1,500.00 payable by December 1, 2010
  • Year 3 Course fees of $4,000.00 payable by July 1, 2011
               Thesis fee of $1,500.00 payable by April 1, 2011

In each of the three years students would be required to make a $400.00 deposit towards course fees. This would be payable by May 1 of the relevant year. The remaining portion of the course fees must thereafter be paid by the stipulated date of July 1 in each of the applicable years.

Financial assistance is available through scholarships - Additional Scholarship Information


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