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CCC Appointments

The Continuation Committee (i.e. Board) of the CCC recently voted to appoint three persons to various executive positions in the organisation. 

Rev Dr Knolly Clarke and Ms Allison Bidaisee were appointed to the positions of Associate General Secretaries, while Mr Clarry Benn was appointed to the post of Treasurer of the Organisation. By virtue of their positions, all three will serve as Officers of the CCC, along with the three Presidents and the General Secretary.

They will also be non-voting members of the Continuation Committee. Additionally, Dr Clarke and Ms Bidaisee will form, together with the General Secretary, the Staff Executive Group (SEG) of the CCC.

Rev Dr Knolly Clarke

Rev Dr Clarke, former Dean of the Holy Trinity Cathedral in the Anglican diocese of Trinidad and Tobago, has served the CCC at different times, and in various capacities, from its earliest days to the present time.

However, since 2001 this has been on a more permanent basis starting with Senior Programme Officer (SPO) of the Trinidad Programme Centre (TPC) from 2001 to 2003, and moving on to Special Assistant to the General Secretary with responsibility for the Ecumenical Relations and Theological Affairs (ER&TA) Desk from 2004-2005.

Subsequent to this, he acted as Associate General Secretary, ER&TA until his appointment to the substantive position in March of this year.

Under Rev. Clarke ’s new portfolio falls responsibility for the Annual Regional Forum for National Councils of Churches (NCCs). This Forum is used as a vehicle for engaging with the National Christian Councils, (NCCs), to share various initiatives, challenges and solutions with respect to their work.

Additionally Rev Clarke has lead responsibility for the development of the Regional Ecumenical Institute (REI) which is responsible for continuing theological education. One major initiative of the REI is the development of a Masters of Theological Studies (MTS)which is a post-baccalaureate degree programme for lay persons.

This degree programme will be a joint venture of the CCC and Huron University College of London Ontario, University of Western Ontario. It is carded to be launched in January 2007.

Rev Dr Clarke received his undergraduate and post-graduate education from regional and international institutions including a Masters in Sacred Theology (STM) from Mc Gill University, Montreal Canada; and an honorary Doctor of Divinity from Huron University College, University of Western Ontario.

In addition to the many special appointments he has had, Rev Dr Clarke has several publications to his name, including an essay on: “Liturgy and Culture in the Caribbean”. He has also been the recipient of various awards and has an interest in music, art and drama

Allison Bidaisee

Allison Bidaisee was appointed Associate General Secretary with the special responsibility for Organisational Development, Planning and Administration (ODP&A).

She has acted in this position since 2005 until her appointment in March, 2006. The ODP&A portfolio plays a major part in supporting the re-engineering, re-positioning and re-imaging processes currently taking place as part of a wider organisational change effort, within the CCC among Ms Bidaisee’s responsibilities in her new post are strategic and integrated planning, the monitoring and evaluation of operational and programmatic approaches and  methodologies employed by the CCC to accomplish its mandate, and the general oversight and upgrade of the organisation’s human resource function and administrative processes.

Ms. Bidaisee, who has been with the organisation since August 2000, has served the organisation in several capacities. These include as the Regional Programme Coordinator for Advocacy, Communications and Public Relations (PR) which included the coordinating and implementing of the regional Drug Demand Reduction Programme (DDRP), and coordinating production of the CCC’s quarterly ecumenical publication, Ecuscope Caribbean.

She also more recently served as Special Assistant to the General Secretary for Organizational Development and Planning during which time, as part of her responsibility for institutional strengthening and capacity building, she prepared and presented training modules in Leadership Development, Team Building and Organizational Structure to various National Councils of Churches (NCCs).

Ms Bidaisee holds degrees in the fields of Management at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels, most recently having read for the Executive Masters in Business Administration (E-MBA) at the Institute of Business (IOB), University of the West Indies (UWI). She has represented the organization at various regional and international fora.

This includes being elected to the post of Secretary of the Regional Executive Committee (REC) of the World Assocation of Christian Communicators’ (WACC) Caribbean regional body – WACC Caribe for the term November 2003 to November 2005.

Clarry Benn                                        

Clarry Benn is a former director of one of the Region’s foremost financial institutions – the Trinidad and Tobago Unit Trust Corporation (UTC). He is well known for his contributions to the financial world locally and regionally and continues to hold directorships in several financial institutions. While his professional experience spans the financial world, he has also taught at the primary, secondary and tertiary levels.

Mr Benn received his undergraduate and postgraduate education from the University of the West Indies (UWI) where he graduated with honours and majored in economics for his undergraduate degree.

His additional professional training comes from several institutions of international repute including the International Monetary Fund, and Harvard University’s Institute of International Development.

He is an avid writer and has several patents and publications to his name on topics which include: the foreign exchange resources of Trinidad and Tobago; trade policies, export performance and economic growth in Trinidad and Tobago; trade policies, export performance and economic growth in Trinidad and Tobago; management of international reserves, navigating change and the way forward in a globalised environment.

Mr Benn is not only a highly regarded professional, but has a love of Caribbean music and has been the Manager of one of Trinidad and Tobago’s top Steel Orchestras – Tropical Angel Harps.

He is also a well respected Anglican layman and has served as a member of the vestry of the St Andrew’s Anglican Church in Trinidad from 1975 to the present time and is currently a member of the Diocesan Finance Board of the Anglican Diocese of Trinidad and Tobago.

Rev Clarke
Rev Knolly Clarke
Allison Bidaisee
Allison Bidaisee
Clarry Benn
Clarry Benn
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