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CCC special meeting with Rev Dr Potter
at WCC Assembly, Brazil

Rev. Dr. Philip Potter began life, simply enough, on the Caribbean island of Dominica. As it is now, he is considered one of the icons of the ecumenical movement, having become one of the most famous and popular General Secretaries of the World Council of Churches (WCC) for the twelve-year period of 1972- 1984.

So it was like coming full circle to have met with the CCC staff and other Caribbean representatives to share a meal during the WCC Assembly at Mutirão , Brazil , on February 18.

Rev. Dr. Potter has had a long-standing association and involvement with the WCC. He was present in Amsterdam at the very first WCC Assembly in 1948, and has attended every Assembly since then.

At that first post-World War II Assembly, he was a Youth Steward. In 2006, at 85 years of age, he reflects on his life in the ecumenical movement having begun his activity in the Student Christian Movement (SCM) in the Caribbean, and the World Student Christian Federation (WSCF) in other parts of the globe.

For Mrs. Karen Christiani - CCC Programme Officer for Youth, Family Life and Gender Affairs, there was a true and greater sense of solidarity found in that meeting with Rev. Dr. Potter.

Mrs. Christiani is one of the youngest and most recent members of staff at the CCC. The two are natives of Dominica and both have a vested interest, bordering on passion, for working with youth.

The meeting may serve a greater purpose in many ways, but, in one sense has reminded Mrs. Christiani of the path already tread by the youth sector of the ecumenical movement, and so inspire the future work of the CCC in the Youth, Family Life and Gender Affairs Programme.

Rev Dr Potter and Karen Christiani

Pictured here, greeting each other with an embrace, are icon of the ecumenical movement Rev. Dr. Philip Potter and CCC Programme Officer for Youth, Family Life and Gender Affairs, Mrs. Karen Christiani; both are natives of Dominica. In background, is Rev. Gordon Kowan of the Ecumenical Disabilities Advocacy Network (EDAN).

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