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General Secretary prepares
for Washington IDB visit

General Secretary of the Caribbean Conference of Churches (CCC), Mr. Gerard Granado, will be among several distinguished speakers at an Ethics and Development Day, at the Inter-American Development Bank, (IDB) in Washington , on January 11 th , 2005 .

The invitation came on behalf of the Inter-American Initiative on Social Capital, Ethics and Development, which relies on the Government of Norway's active support.

The Prime Minister of Norway, Mr. Kjell Magne Bondevik, will inaugurate the event through video conference along with Nobel Laureate Dr. Amaryta Sen, and IDB President, Mr. Enrique V. Iglesias.

Mr. Granado will make a contribution on behalf of the CCC as part of a panel discussion on the theme of "The Importance of Ethics". Chancellor of the University of the West Indies (UWI), Mr. George Alleyne was also invited to contribute on this topic.

Other topics that are to be addressed include: "The Ethical Responsibilities of Developed Countries" and "Lessons from the Fight of Transparency." Some themes that will be focused on under these topics will comprise responsibility in policy making, ethical education in universities and the strengthening of volunteer organization.

The Initiative was created in March, 2002, and has fostered public discussion on the ethical dimensions of development, while encouraging social actors to undertake ethical responsibilities in over 30 countries in Latin America . Additionally, the Initiative is supporting a network of eighty universities in about 20 countries to introduce ethics and social capital for development into the curricula.

The General Secretary will be accompanied by Ms. Allison Bidaisee , Special Assistant to the General Secretary for Organisational Development and Planning.

Mr. Granado and Ms. Bidaisee will also take the opportunity to meet with the N.G.O. Division of the IDB and World Bank.

Upon his return, the General Secretary is expected to attend a Civil Society Meeting in Barbados on January 25 th and 26 th with the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB), and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).

This meeting will focus on strengthening partnerships among Civil Society Organisations (CSO's), the CDB, and the IDB. Topics to be addressed will include participation and governance, initiatives for Capacity Building of Civil Society Organisations, and Environmental and Vulnerability Issues. Under this heading, disaster preparedness and response, and the Grenada Experience will be discussed.

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