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The CCC is governed by a General Assembly which comprises representatives of its member churches, and which includes women and youth representatives.  The body meets every 5 years (more on General Assembly 2005) and appoints a 15-member Continuation Committee (or Board of Management) to establish policies and direct the work of the organization between Assemblies.

The Continuation Committee meets twice yearly and is headed by a Praesidium. The Praesidium, which is appointed by the Assembly, comprises 3 Presidents, at least one of whom must be a woman. A Finance Committee, which is a special  Sub-committee of the Continuation Committee, meets regularly to consider financial matters.

The day to day management of the organization is the responsibility of the General Secretary who according to the by-laws of the CCC’s Constitution, is responsible for all the agencies and programmes of the CCC.

The Organization’s operational structure comprises a Regional Office located in Trinidad, and three Sub-regional Offices with responsibility for programme implementation in various territories. The Programme Centres are situated in Antigua, Jamaica and in Trinidad.

The General Secretary heads the Secretariat and is supported by two Associate General Secretaries and a Regional Financial Officer (RFO). The two Associates are responsible for the portfolios of Ecumenical Relations and Theological Affairs; and Organizational Development, Planning and Administration, respectively.

The General Secretary together with the two Associate General Secretaries comprise the Staff Executive Group (SEG). Also located at the General Secretariat is a Programme Executive for International Relations, Public and Cultural Affairs. These posts are not only consistent with the current direction of the organization but are needed to ensure its sustainability and to adequately meet the needs of the constituency.

In addition, located within the Regional Office are the three Regional Programme Coordinators (RPCs) who are responsible for the management and co-ordination of the CCC’s programmatic initiatives.

The Sub-Regional offices are headed by Senior Programme Officers (SPOs) who are supported by Programme Officers and other support staff.

The north-western sub-regional office in Jamaica serves territories in the North Western Caribbean including Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Cuba and Puerto Rico.

The north-eastern sub-regional office in Antigua is responsible for the territories in the North Eastern Caribbean including the French speaking territories of St. Maarten, Martinique and Guadeloupe.

The southern sub-regional office in Trinidad serves some fourteen territories in the Southern Caribbean including Guyana, Suriname, Curacao, Aruba and Bonaire.

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